We're all in this together. Stamp from Hero Art's "Beautiful world"

“Welcome back!” she said to herself as she took a sip from her third cup of coffee

Welcome back to ME! And welcome back to YOU! If you have ever followed my Instagram, or my blog at jenandtricks.com, you might have noticed that it has been more or less dormant for a few years. Does it mean that I stopped crafting altogether? Heck no!

I have been crafting and painting and sorting, but having a little less energy for a while I have not shared as much online. But, as a part of the Pyssloteket design team, I’ve kept sharing projects on the Pyssloteket blog, it’s Instagram as well as making an appearance live in the Pyssloteket Facebook group (mind you, the targeted audience in this case is Swedish).

I have also upgraded my craft area! As I have been reorganising, I have realised how much my crafting has changed through the years. I have always sorted tools and materials and in neat categories, and stored them based on what I tend to reach for first. When I upgraded my craft area, I basically had to start over, because I had changed my habits and style so much. This made me realise I needed to do a similar change on my blog. I didn’t feel like tweaking it, so here I am, starting over, and it feels great!

Moving forward

My bullet journal is full of lists of possible post ideas and videos! I am planning for new content, but I also hope to post a bit of a throwback post ever now and then with some of my older stuff. Should you however feel the urge to see some prehistoric posts, please check out my Instagram account, it goes way back.

Meanwhile, we are living in strange times, and the roaring 20’s didn’t quite turn out the way many of us planned. Crafting and creating has, for me and for many of my friends, been a way of coping and dealing with anxiety or lethargy or worries right now. Sometimes I think about that in the grand scheme of things and I do count myself lucky that I have the means and opportunity to turn to a creative outlet when things get rough. And if one thing has become very clear, it’s that many of us turn to our online community in times like these, and even though some people may be less nice, most of human kind are helpers, and considerate, and inventive.

Maybe it’s because I am so caught up in the crafty community more than ever I felt that spark to start up my creative blog again. But here’s hoping it will land in something wonderful!

Stay safe, peeps; wash your hands, be mindful around your seniors and frail, keep physical distance, but not necessarily the social kind. And welcome back.

Hi, my name is Jennie! Having been a multi-crafter since I could barely walk, it's hard to pick just one favourite hobby, as long as it has anything to do with pens, papers or paints. I love to geek out about paper-crafting, but right now I'm in love with art journaling, scrapbooking, card making, artist trading cards, photography, bullet journaling, painting, water-colours... I could go on. I do know one thing: as long as I have a piece of paper and a pen, I am never bored. You can find me on other social media by clicking the icons below. Happy crafting!

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